Empress Bloo Mensloo

By Atom Mudman Bezecny

A three-act epic of horrific proportions! Once you open it you may not be able to shut it again!

Ormond Sacker and his friends are manly, stoic, unquestionable heroes, whose valor is called upon to defend the sacred virtues of Heterosexuality from a strange, uncanny fiend who strikes from the shadows...Bloo Mensloo! A sinister drag queen who schemes to fight for a world that allows people to express themselves for who they really are! It will take all the brains and brawn of the mighty heroes to outwit the nefarious plot of this nonconformist ne'er-do-well! The world holds its breath--for the comfort and privilege of Cisgender Heterosexuals the world over hangs in the balance... A new twisted saga from transsexual deviant Atom Mudman Bezecny!


The Claws of Bloo Mensloo

Lesbian gangsters! Deadly aliens! Crustacean horror! Don't miss this bombastic first chapter!