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Four Dragon-Spawn
A Filmic Cycle
by Katherine Avalon



Four Dragon-Spawn...Four Demons!


A wildman twisted into a monster, a mummified forefather of a cruel and grotesque legacy, a world-shattering warlock, and a crazed, cannibalistic sailor...these horrors and more await the readers of these pages, which contain the screenplays of Katherine Avalon, queen of weird fiction. Too gruesome to set to film, these stories are available to read for the first time. These scripts serve as sequels to AtomMudman Bezecny’s chilling slice of bad movie weirdness, The Spooky Skeleton Geckos Saga.

To purchase Four Dragon-Spawn please send your mailing address and $12.99 (paperback) or $5.99 (ebook) via PayPal to Customers outside the U.S. please email before purchasing.

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