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Fuck Off S.R.

by Katherine Avalon

it’s hard to remember life outside of Continuity Cut-Up. jones and the rood cane took our world and scissored it to ribbons. he stood high on the altar and read aloud from the ALT-BOOK and tore it all down with his words. FUCK OFF S.R. is a cut-up novel about pulp fiction, the power of hope, and the search for truth. it's about dictators and freedom fighters, about the fight in all of us, and about the resistance we carry as we walk on the fragments of a world smashed to bits. inspired by/fighting against the pulp works of Sax Rohmer, FUCK OFF S.R. is a raised fist and an angry scream against those vicious fools who claim there is an alternative to the truth. part of the Odd Tales Resist movement with Odd Tales Productions.

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