Kinyonga Tales

by Atom Mudman Bezecny

In the caves below the ancient Earth a young girl is running from an evil enemy. Her name is Donia, and her enemies are called the Deros. Little does Donia know she’s about to meet Kory Kinyonga—a shape-shifting, time-traveling android. He’s just as scared as she is, but they’re about to start a marvelous adventure together… KINYONGA TALES takes the reader from the dawn of history to its end, from one end of the universe to another, as Kory and Donia journey around the cosmos righting wrongs and learning about what it means to be human. Even if it brings them to the edge of Apocalypse itself. Featuring awesome cover art by James Bezecny, this most recent volume from Odd Tales Productions is an experience you won't forget.


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