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 The Fires of '16:

Reign of Emperor Tromble

By Katherine Avalon

In this screenplay, Katherine Avalon combines the tastes and stylings of exploitation filmmaking with political parody to weave a story you won't forget...and will hopefully never have to experience! A good read for fans of the Bruno Matteis and John Waterses of this world. Billionaire Woodrew Tromble commences his quest to become the greatest man on Earth...and all humanity pays the price for his terrifying success. Avalon asks the question of how dictators are made while also probing deep into the psychedelic and sleazy underbelly of the human mind!

 Deus Mega Therion

& The Divine Mrs. E (Or, the Adventure of the Textual Lacuna)

By Atom Mudman Bezecny

A new double paperback in the style of the author's earlier TAIL OF THE LIZARD KING. DEUS MEGA THERION tells the tale of Jagged Skull, an '80s heavy metal band who runs afoul of a Satanic cult presided over by the sinister Edward Tamaron. Forced to play a string of concerts for the cult, the band members learn more about themselves and the world they live in. THE DIVINE MRS. E (Or, the Adventure of the Textual Lacuna) is the story of an actress who must solve a murder on the set of one of her films. But she is not who she seems to be, and her adventure will bring her face-to-face with fiction, femininity, and the divinity of both. This paperback features two excellent covers by James Bezecny, and has awesome flipbook action, meaning it can be read no matter what side is up. An Odd Tales Productions exclusive!

Nestled in the Shade of the Jackalberry Tree

By Zachary Rouse

Ababuo is the Child Who Returns. One evening in a nightclub will change her life forever, when she meets Preston Lorne, a 38-year-old corporate executive for a bottled water company. Preston has a secret which will shatter Ababuo's world and take her back into the depths of her ancestry. But Aba is not the only one bound for change on this fated night, as her encounter with Preston will lead him down his own journey into the unimaginable. NESTLED IN THE SHADE OF THE JACKALBERRY TREE is a stellar theatrical story of the legacy of colonialism and its living consequences in our modern world, with poetry and imagery from playwright Zachary Rouse that will remind you that our world is not as it seems.

Kinyonga Tales

By Atom Mudman Bezecny

In the caves below the ancient Earth a young girl is running from an evil enemy. Her name is Donia, and her enemies are called the Deros. Little does Donia know she’s about to meet Kory Kinyonga—a shape-shifting, time-traveling android. He’s just as scared as she is, but they’re about to start a marvelous adventure together… KINYONGA TALES takes the reader from the dawn of history to its end, from one end of the universe to another, as Kory and Donia journey around the cosmos righting wrongs and learning about what it means to be human. Even if it brings them to the edge of Apocalypse itself. Featuring awesome cover art by James Bezecny, this most recent volume from Odd Tales Productions is an experience you won't forget.

Fuck Off S.R.

By Katherine Avalon

it’s hard to remember life outside of Continuity Cut-Up. jones and the rood cane took our world and scissored it to ribbons. he stood high on the altar and read aloud from the ALT-BOOK and tore it all down with his words. FUCK OFF S.R. is a cut-up novel about pulp fiction, the power of hope, and the search for truth. it's about dictators and freedom fighters, about the fight in all of us, and about the resistance we carry as we walk on the fragments of a world smashed to bits. inspired by/fighting against the pulp works of Sax Rohmer, FUCK OFF S.R. is a raised fist and an angry scream against those vicious fools who claim there is an alternative to the truth. part of the Odd Tales Resist movement with Odd Tales Productions.

The Compleat Dr. Draugiz

By Katherine Avalon

On humble Earth-8168, Dr. Draugiz and his trusty partner Taylor Robbins celebrate the natural madness of their world as many of their neighbors do--by consuming copious amounts of pot, LSD, shrooms, and ecstasy. Draugiz's mind is so expanded that she has magical powers, and can travel in space and time at will. When an evil ghost comes to their world, Draugiz and Taylor must use all of their wits--and all of their stash--to defend the innocents around them. Little do they know that the invasion is only the beginning of an adventure around the Multiverse! A tale of sorcery, crime, love, and mystery. Collected for the first time by Odd Tales Productions.


By Katherine Avalon

Join the Yellow Halloween!


Years ago, Solange discovered her father was a murderer. Disgusted by his actions, she formed a group of women dedicated to stopping crimes like those her father committed. But when God--or a man with that name--is killed at a party at the mysterious seaside Stark Manor, what her group uncovers goes far beyond simple murder. This tale of mystery and the occult is a celebration of the gialli--the Italian crime-slasher movies of the '60s, '70s, and '80s!

The New Adventures of the Flash Avenger

By Atom Mudman Bezecny



David Gaunt is a young daredevil playboy in search of adventure. When he decides to rob a jewelry store, he has an encounter which will change his life forever. David will get his adventure, it turns out, but not as a criminal. No, his fate is to become the champion of justice, the Flash Avenger! Joined in battle by his sister Isabelle, the Flash Avenger faces a foe who aims to strike at his very heart...


The Flash Avenger appeared in a British comic book story in 1951, and after his one and only appearance, he disappeared forever. Now he returns at last with seven new stories--and with a stunning new restoration of his original appearance by comic book artist James Bezecny.

The Brute! A Speculative Study of Tarzan

By Atom Mudman Bezecny

Since 1918, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan has appeared in dozens of films and TV shows, portrayed by a small legion of actors, including Elmo Lincoln, Johnny Weissmuller, Lex Barker, and Mike Henry. Until 1968, Tarzan media shared a rough if confusing continuity between films, which this book seeks to unravel for the first time. Along the way the author also draws connections to the Jungle Jim series, which starred Johnny Weissmuller, and the Bomba the Jungle Boy films, which seemingly continued the adventures of Tarzan’s son Boy. Bezecny dives deep into nearly 60 films as she weaves together over fifty years of history to reveal the life of the Brute...immortal King of the Apes, invincible Lord of the Jungle!

The Playground

By Katherine Avalon,

Atom Mudman Bezecny, & Askarvi Hythlod Ogilvy

Kids growing up in the '90s and early 2000s spent their recesses swapping stories of their favorite video games, movies, and books as they heard them over the burgeoning medium of the Internet. Many of these rumors were a mix of truth, twisted truth, and outright lies. These stories meshed with a tradition of playground ghost stories to create a complex mythos and atmosphere unlike any other. This often-eerie world of half-truths is remembered fondly by many who lived through it. But returning to the past can be a dangerous thing. In some cases, the forces we played with in our childhoods shouldn't be reawoken...

Flint Golden and the Thunderstrike Crisis

By Atom Mudman Bezecny

All we knew of Flint Golden and his wife Siobhan was that they came from the future. Something called them back to our era, something called the Thunderstrike. Billions died in the wake of this crisis, and it all started here and now, in 1933. We couldn’t have predicted where Flint would take us. We traveled beyond the limits of all space and time, into worlds of war and lands of dreams dreamt by children. All of us knew the fate of the world was in our hands...and we were ready to take the risk. This is my invitation for you to join us. Come with Flint and I as we transcend physicality and walk the path of heroes.


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