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Whispers at the Threshold
A Mystery in Bronze
by Atom Mudman Bezecny


It is 1949, and actor Oliver Duffy is trying to get through the filming of his latest movie - a new entry to the Dr. Kildare series of medical dramas. But he will soon learn that the on-set physician, Dr. Ordway, is not who he seems to be - indeed, Ordway is none other than the legendary detective known as the Crime Doctor!  Ordway intends to recruit Oliver to his battle against crime, as Oliver is all too familiar with his latest foe: the insidious hypnotist, Dr. George Santell, who nearly murdered Oliver seven years prior. As Oliver gets closer and closer to Santell, he is forced to face his own past, including the mystery of his parentage...


Two exciting bonus stories are included in this free novelette, which digs deep into author Bezecny's speculations on the family of a certain Man of Bronze.

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