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Yankee Fakir
by Atom Mudman Bezecny


The small town of Mystic, Arizona is a still and quiet place - a place where almost nothing happens. But such places are where miracles mean the most. When a young traveling salesman named Yankee Davis comes to town, life in Mystic will never be the same. For Yankee is far more than just a salesman...he is also a student of secret whispers, of the hidden forces which govern the world.

Atom Bezecny's Yankee Fakir is a mystical reinterpretation of the 1947 Western film of the same name, directed by W. Lee Wilder, brother of the famous Billy Wilder.

To purchase Yankee Fakir please send your mailing address and $10.99 (print) or $4.99 (ebook) via PayPal to Customers outside the U.S. please email before purchasing.

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